001: Print Is Dead. Print Is Not Dead.

001: Print Is Dead. Print Is Not Dead.

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By Samantha Johnson

Everyone told Amanda Burden that journalism was dead, but that didn’t stop her from keeping her hopes up when she moved to Reno with her partner, Jaci Goodman.  Burden grew up with a love for organic food and knew early on that she wanted to write.  When she was cut from her editor position at Reno Magazine, which was owned by the Reno Gazette-Journal in 2009, she found her own way to meld her two passions.

Edible Magazine was the perfect medium for Burden, and she joined not long after her leaving her newspaper job.  Edible started in 2002 as a magazine geared towards local farmers, chefs and “foodies.”  Burden traveled to New Mexico with Goodman to talk about the licensing fee to bring the magazine to the Reno area, and ultimately decided to use her 401K to start the magazine because she felt sure that the concept would do well in Reno.


Photo credit: Patty Bobek, Producer/Open Room Media. Amanda Burden (left) and Jaci Goodman (right), the founders of Edible Reno-Tahoe, talk to Open Room Media at Heritage Restaurant in 2015.
Photo credit: Patty Bobek, Producer/Open Room Media.
Amanda Burden (left) and Jaci Goodman (right), the founders of Edible Reno-Tahoe, talk to Open Room Media at Heritage Restaurant in 2015.


Goodman started working with the company before the first issue went to print, when Burden needed help with ad sales.  She worked in medical and dental sales for 27 years, and Burden asked her to become the full-time ad director and publisher after she successfully brought in $22,000 in just three weeks.  With Goodman at her side, Burden is now the editor and owns Edible Reno-Tahoe.

In 2015, Edible Reno-Tahoe won multiple honors at the Nevada Press Association Awards.  The magazine won advertising general excellence, best overall design, best page one design and general excellence.  Today, the company not only distributes complementary copies of the magazine throughout Reno, but also in nearby cities including Carson City, Sparks, Susanville and Gardnerville.

Mignon Fogarty and Patty Bobek, the hosts of our podcast, met Burden and Goodman at the Heritage restaurant in downtown Reno to talk about their experience with Edible Reno-Tahoe.

“Nobody could tell me what a publisher did,” Goodman said, “And then after a month I’m like, ‘Oh! I schmooze!’ I’m good at that!”

Burden and Goodman celebrated their fifth anniversary for the magazine, recently made the final payment for the licensing fee, and told Open Room Media that they don’t have a plan for an exit strategy.

“I’ll follow that brain anywhere,” Goodman said, referring to Burden.

Edible Reno-Tahoe is increasing the number of issues it prints each year from five to six and is moving to a subscription-based business model to pay for new software that will streamline the publishing process.  They also are looking to hire a full-time employee in the future to help with editorial and reporting work.


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